2019 Conference 

Who presented at the

Women in Roofing 2019 Conference


Host - Kevin Parr

Kevin is amongst the top speakers recommended by Best 100 companies. At the WinR Conference he will act as compare and facilitator throughout the day, focussing on the changes delegates want to see in the roofing industry, and how those changes might be made.

Session 1


Denise Cherry & Construc*on Ambassadors


Showcasing GoConstruct, the Ambassador Programme

and Proud to Promote Roofing. Delegates will have an

opportunity to try the demonstra'on rigs on a range of

roofing disciplines.

Session 1a


From 4p’s to 1M Maria Coulter


The Construction Coach discusses how to focus and attract

wealth to your business This interactive session is designed to

give you time to think about your business Do you want to

grow? Do you want to stay the same size? Do you want a

be4er lifestyle for you and your family?

Session 2


with Lesley Hughes


Lesley has extensive experience working with roofing companies and is a trained Mental Health First Aider, she shares her knowledge to offer companies prac'cal ways to develop a structure within their businesses to promote mental wellbeing and support workers in need

Session 2a


Risks of Breaking Specifications with Lynn Street


In light of the ongoing investigations regarding the tragic Grenfell

fire, this seminar takes a look at the problems and risks involved

when specifications are broken.

Session 3


with Jo Bowditch


Session 3a


Funding Research with  Emma Craig West


Have you ever thought it might be useful to be able to carry out

research to develop or improve an area of your business but been

put of by lack of experience an the cost implica'ons, then this

session will help you consider options and benefit available to you.

After Dinner Speaker

Ray Horwood CBE


Former Chief Execu've of the Na'onal Federa'on of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) and CompetentRoofer. Now NED at
Langley Group.