WiRM Project Initial Research


The project began with a meeting between Livia Williams  and Denise Cherry in June 2013.   They discussed the lack of training available specifically for women and that training that was available was not always “female friendly”.


Denise can remember an incident whilst studying SMSTS were she was confronted by another learner who said “look lady, when you make your money working on site – then you can tell me what to do!”.   This was when she suggested during an exercise that the fuel store on the site not be placed near to the zebra crossing to a school!   Whilst Denise took this in her stride, she believes that some women would prefer courses that are more accessible in terms of location, timing, content, delivery and equally importantly are in an environment that is comfortable and promotes learning for all.


During their many interviews with roofing companies Livia and Denise had come across a general lack of awareness about where to find appropriate assistance and the seed of a project developed.


The team, which grew to include Lesley Hughes and Helen Wilson, also Roofing Training Officers, requested assistance from CITB, through the Growth Fund and research was undertaken.




Responses indicated that

  • 81 % of the companies have under 50 employees
  • 84% of respondents would like to undertake further Management training
  • 75% of respondents would be interested in joining a network of other women working in roofing companies

There were also lots of positive comments about visiting sites to get a better understanding of the work being undertaken.


Roll out


Following lengthy negotiations with CITB, funding was approved and the project Launched in Wales, the Midlands,  Yorkshire and the North West England in September 2014 with a brief to deliver 250 courses to 150 women.



WiRMS Project Launch 2014



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Of the responses received the most popular training was shown to be:

59%     Training Plans & Funding
45%     Core Management Skills
45%     Completing Tenders & PQQs
45%     HR Issues

41%     Health & Safety Management

36%     Environmental Awareness
32%     Surveying Roofs/Estimating
32%     Legal Updates
32%     Social Media